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2-Cycle Motorcycle Engine Oil

2-Cycle Motorcycle Engine OilPetron Plus 73000, 2-Cycle Motorcycle Engine Oil is supported by extensife field trial data. It is Low Ash, Low Smoke and emissions, reduces plug fouling and engine deposits and reduces pre-ingnition

  • Low Ash
  • Low Smoke and emissions
  • Compatible with E10 fuels
  • Meets all non-outboards industrial specifications
  • Reduce plub fouling and engine deposits

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Petron Plus 73007 2-Cycle Engine Oil 50_1_
Petron Plus 73007 2-Cycle Engine Oil 50:1

Petron Plus 2-Cycle Engine Oil meets or exceeds manufacturer’s requirements for all rations up to 50:1. For use in all 2-Cycle air cooled engines, and for unleaded fuel.

  • Pre-Mix Engine Oil
  • Injection Low Ash 2-Cycle Engine Oil
  • 2-Cycle Engine Oil

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