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4-Cycle Lube

C:\Users\cc\Desktop\TEMP\Petron Plus 12127 4-Cycle LubePetron Plus 12127 4-Cycle Lube

  • Will not void new bike warranty
  • Contains no particulates
  • Will not harm wet clutches
  • Quicker starts in cold weather
  • Helps to increase gas mileage


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APPLICATIONS – All types of gasoline and propane powered vehicles

  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • Snowmobiles
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Commercial Fleets
  • Earth-Moving Equipment
  • Off-Road Equipment
  • Marine Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Generators


  1. Safe for wet clutches in all air cooled and water cooled engines.
  2. Will not Void Manufacturer Warranties
  3. Superior base stocks and additive technology.
  4. Compatible with all seal materials, plastics, and paints.
  5. Superior anti-friction and anti-wear properties.
  6. Excellent protection against rust and corrosion.
  7. Outstanding oxidation resistance and thermal stability.
  8. High flash point and high viscosity index.
  9. Long product life – USE ONCE EVERY 12,000 to 15,000 Miles –


  1. Reduced maintenance costs.
    Helps reduce component wear.
    Helps decrease “Down Time” to replace oil and parts.
  2. Super next Generation “Nano-Tech” Lubricant –
    Less than 0.1 Micron petroleum molecules vs
    3-10 Micron Oil and “Oil Treatment” molecules.
  3. Long lasting film (boundary) lubricant 12,000 to 15,000 Miles – NOT EVERY OIL CHANGE..
  4. Helps increase:
    Fuel mileage.
    Engine life.
  5. Helps protect against acid and corrosion.
  6. Helps with quicker starts in cold weather.
  7. Helps lower operating temperature.
  8. Helps quiet noisy engines.
  9. Helps condition seals.