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Octane Booster Off-Road for Professional Competition

Octane Booster Off-Road for Professional Competition

  • Octane booster off-road for Professional Competition,Increase Motor Octane,Increase “Anti-Knock” Effectiveness,Compatible with all Gasoline Fuels, Lowers Octane Requirements of Engine, Increase Research Octane, Can be used with Supercharged Engines,
  • Total Fuel System Corrosion Protection


Product description

Petron Plus Formula 7 Octane Booster Off-Road is formulated for professional racing competition, and off-road equipment. It is designed to HELP boost the octane of gasoline, and provides outstanding carburetor, fuel injector, and intake valve detergency. It also contains proprietary technology for removing deposits from combustion chambers, and thereby lowering the octane requirement of the engine. These features are combined with total fuel system corrosion protection. The use of this product not only reduces hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emmisions caused by fuel system deposit build-up, but extensive field-testing has demonstrated an ability to help reduce NOx emissions.

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Legal Disclaimer

Danger, Comubstible. Contains petroleum distillates. Do not swallow, toxic by ingestion. Do not breathe vapors. Use in well ventillated areas. Avoid skin and eye contact. keep away from heat source, sparks, flame. If swallowed, induce vomiting immediately by giving Ipecac Syrup-follow directions-or by giving two glasses of water and sticking finger down throat. In either case call a physician. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. If inhaled, move to fresh air. For skin and eye contact, wash thoroughly with water.