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Petron PlusTM patented Formula 7 technology came about like most new inventions. An ordinary, average guy, with extraordinary drive and ambition, was determined to make a better product that was currently available.

Petron International, Inc. (PII), founded by Gary G. Clark in 1979 under the name MTM Distributing, Inc. The name was changed to PII in 1982, and in the mid 1990’s PII name was changed to Petronomics Mfg. Group, Inc. (PMGI), to separate the manufacturing from the sales companies. PMGI is located in Hutchinson, Kansas, today PMGI is internationally known and respected as one of the leaders in Advanced Lubrication Technology.

Clark started-out with one product. Clark formulated the products in his garage during the summer and in his basement in the winter for the first year and half. All testing was done at a laboratory in San Antonio, Texas. Clark burnt-up four or five of his wife’s kitchen blenders, formulating samples to send to lab for testing. Clark’s three children (then ages 11, 9 and 7) would fill and box the products. PMGI moved into its first plant in 1982. A patent was filled in 1983 on the chemical make-up and process, it was later issued in 1985.


Petronomics Industrial ProductsPMGI moved for the second time in 1986, into a building with approx. 17,000 square feet. At the same time the latest state of the art in manufacturing and filling equipment was added. In 1989 PMGI moved for the third time into 36,000 square feet building. At this time two 4,000 gallons storage tanks were converted into two 4,000 gallons mixers, plus three smaller mixers were added. In June of 1994 and October of 1995 several wholly-owned and independent companies were formed to manufacture and market the over 275 products (with over 950 sku’s or part numbers) that Clarks had developed Petron PlusTM Motorsports, Inc. (PPMSI), is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PMGI, its functions are to work directly with the motorsports teams and programs. Petron PlusTM Communication, Inc. (PPCI), is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PMGI, its functions are to work directly with the advertising markets, TV, radio, print, etc.

Petronomics® Industrial Products Group, Inc. (PIPGI), is an the independent corporation that markets to and concentrates on the aerospace, agricultural, industrial, commercial, mining, automotive mfg., fleet, and metalworking, applications under the following trademarks and tradenames, PETRONOMICS®, PETRONOMICS® Formula 7 and PETRONOMICS® PLUS. PPX Formula 7® is a trademark also owned by PMGI. Petron PlusTM Automotive Group, Inc. (PPAGI), is an independent corporation that market to the traditional automotive aftermarket (auto part warehouses, auto parts Stores, etc.) customers under the brand names PETRON PLUSTM and PETRON PLUS Formula 7TM. It is also organizing a unique consumer awareness program to explain to the public how Petron PlusTM Formula 7 is not an oil additive, or the same old technology that has been around for years.

Go Green

And save on your Green Cash!

Petron PlusTM International, Inc. (PPII), is an independent corporation that markets all the Petron PlusTM and Petronomics® products to all customers outside of the United States.

Petronomics Mfg. Group, Inc. is solely the manufacture of all the products. These groups are dedicated to reducing maintenance, inventory, energy, and downtime of equipment by developing and marketing products that out perform anything else available. PPAGI and PIPGI products are formulated to provide superior protection against the effects of friction, wear, heat, rust, and corrosion.

PPAGI and PIPGI have a full line of advanced lubrication technology products to meet the toughest lubrication needs, and to lubricate the multi-million dollar, high-tech equipment of today.

PPAGI and PIPGI’s, quality are unsurpassed, their products are manufactured by PMGI, in its modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. PMGI has its own quality control and research facilities plus uses a test facility in San Antonio, Texas, that is recognized around the world, for additional quality control and testing. PMGI’s, R&D uses unique and patented advanced technology additives with the highest grade of base stocks to manufacture the highest standard for lubricant products available in the world.<

PPAGI and PIPGI, have distributors that live and work throughout the United States and other parts of the world. They realize how important it is to have products or a representative when you need them. Other technical service personnel are available at our corporate headquarters to answer questions and make recommendations in all facets of equipment lubrication and service. is an affiliate website. For any inquires in regards to Petron Plus products and sales please contact